About India Gate
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India gate was designed by very famous Edward Lutyens...

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  It can clearly be collected from India gate details that designing of this monument was conducted.....   Every year on 26th January, India celebrates its national holiday in the name of Republic Day which is also a....   It is since 1971 that a flame which is often known as Amar Jawan Jyoti is continuously burning under the shrine....  
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About India Gate

There are number of places in India which are regularly attached with the pride and prestige of India. Amongst various, India Gate is one of the most renowned places that are also considered as one of the national monuments that are built in India. The monument is situated at Delhi which is also considered as heart of India and is also the capital city of India. It is said that India Gate was constructed by an inspiration from monument of Paris, Arc de Triomphe and the design of India gate was provided by Sir Edwin Lutyens. The construction of India gate was completed in year 1931. it is said that originally the place was known by the name of All India War Memorial and was also denoted a special place in the heart of India, Delhi as a prominent one because it includes the memorial of more than 90,000 soldiers who have given their lives during their fight for country against the rule of Britishers. It is also said that the fight mainly includes the World War 1 as well as Anglo Afghan War. The monument combines within just the red as well as pale sandstone and apart from that granite has also been used in construction process.
At earlier time, people could also find the statue of Great George 5 who belonged to United Kingdom just beneath the gate but now the place appears to be vacant. The statue has been moved to Coronation parks where all the other statues that belong to same time are being kept. As per the independence of India, india gate india is also regarded to behold within it tomb of all the unknown soldiers who have given their lives fighting for their country. it is for this reason that the place is also considered by the name of Amar Jawan Jyoti which means in straight terms the flame that is ignited for enduring soldiers.
It was till the late 1920’s when Old Delhi Railway station was considered a mode of commuting for people but now there are different modes available. Also you will find facing india gate india is a path known as Kingsway or Rajpath.